Terms and Conditions of Use

You should understand that by accessing and using the service of DG Free Tool, you acknowledge your being bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Terms and Conditions of Use specified below. The entire website and any API usage are covered by the terms and conditions of use.

At any time, at our sole discretion, we have the right to change or amend the Terms and Conditions of Use with a clear indication of the changes or amendments at the top of this page with the precise date of these changes or amendments.

Responsibility for Data Maintenance

We always do our best in order to make our services good. Nevertheless, it’s your responsibility to backup your files as for privacy reasons we do not backup your files.

There’s no guarantee that the files of the users or converted files will never be deleted, removed or lost. By using the DG Free Tool service you agree not to hold us responsible for any failure of conversion or deletion of your files including any damage resulting from the abovementioned loss. Our strong recommendation for every user is to create file archives as well as to backup all files and data.


It’s strongly prohibited to use our services and intellectual property for any form of infringement or related actions.

We do not supervise our customers’ content because we respect the copyright of our customers and, consequently, we expect others to respect the copyright of other people. The use of our services with the purpose of any unauthorized copying, distribution as well as any other actions of infringement of copyright rights are expressively prohibited. You should also understand and acknowledge that all trademarks and copyrighted materials published on our website are owned by us or our partners and protected by law.

In order to use our services freely, please, confirm your ownership of the file or your permission from the legal owner of the file.

Acceptable Use Policy of the Unlimited Premium Plan

To ensure all our customers can enjoy the best possible service, the usage of the Unlimited premium plan is subject to our acceptable use policy.

Despite we don't limit the maximum file size, maximum conversion time, and the number of files one can convert while being on the Unlimited plan, to ensure that the service received by other customers is not impacted through extremely heavy usage by a minority of people, we reserve the right to limit conversion speed or terminate the subscription unilaterally in the event that it is discovered that the service is being used in incommensurable amount.

You are eligible for a prorated refund of the amount paid, in case your subscription terminated prior to the end of the paid period.

You agree not to bypass this use policy by any means, including, but not limited to creating multiple accounts, ordering multiple premium plans, using a single premium plan on an enormous amount of devices.

Taking into account our file conversion capabilities, with a high degree of probability, you will never be subject to this acceptable use policy, but if in doubt, please contact the support team, describing your particular use case.


Please, review the refund terms and test the free version of our service thoroughly before purchasing a subscription.

DG Free Tool customers are responsible for testing our service fully before ordering any premium package and for managing their subscriptions, including cancellations.

We may issue a refund in case a DG Free Tool customer has a strong reason to claim it.

In order to receive a refund, the user should submit a claim, which specifies at least the following:

  • The exact date and time of the claimed incident;
  • The reason why the user claims the refund.

We will not give you a refund in the following cases:

  • You receive an error while trying to convert DRM-protected media (audio, video, eBooks) — including those, directly obtained from iTunes or Amazon, which often DRM-protect their files.
  • You receive an error while trying to convert password protected Documents or Archives.
  • You are trying to convert a big file (usually video), and while uploading it from your local device you are dissatisfied with uploading speed. Please, be advised, that uploading speed is out of our scope, it depends only on the upload bandwidth of your internet connection or upload capabilities of your internet service provider (ISP). Our hosts are located in Germany and you may use https://speedtest.net/ to check your upload bandwidth to any German host. Contact your ISP for further assistance.
  • You are dissatisfied with the speed of video conversion. Please note that the time needed to convert a Full HD video from one video format to another video format may be as long as half of the real video duration. Also, lower resolutions perform faster. This is because we don't simply change the video container but do a full reencode of video and audio streams.
  • You are trying to convert corrupted files that could not even be opened by their native applications. We try our best to make the conversion even in the most hopeless cases, but if the file is not readable at all (like missing header or moov atom in video file) — there is nothing we can do at all.
  • You don’t like the service or no longer need the service.
  • You already converted a file bigger than the free tier allows and downloaded the result — it means that you already used the service you paid for.
  • You’re dissatisfied with the features provided by our service or you haven’t found some particular features.
  • You’ve found another service that you like better.
  • You didn't cancel your subscription before the automatic renewal happened.

Also, we urge you to test the free version of our service before ordering any premium package.